Get stump grinding services in Poughkeepsie or Lagrangeville, NY

Have a stump that's an eyesore in your yard? Shawn's Tree Care D.B.A in Poughkeepsie, NY can grind stumps up to 16 inches in diameter in one pass. We can also handle stump grinding for larger stumps, but it takes more time. We offer great discounts for veterans, seniors and first responders too.

Schedule your stump grinding services today.

What do our stump grinding services include?

If you choose us for stump grinding and stump removal services, we’re glad to include any extra work you expect for your removal. We’ll:

  • Check for utility lines or sprinkler lines before we get started
  • Grind down your stump two to three inches below ground level
  • Fill the hole with stump shavings or remove them from your property

If you’d like stump shavings removed from your property, we’ll include this extra service in your free estimate. We’ll also be open and honest with you and let you know if there are any underground obstructions in our way. Speak to our owner today for your free stump removal estimate.